Who is Ian Turk Management Ltd

Ian Turk Management Ltd (ITM) provides professional management services to a range of organisations. The client base is predominately horticultural industries, which reflects the company’s background with the New Zealand Fruitgrowers Federation (now Horticulture NZ.

We take a strong client focus, offering a service to meet each client’s specific needs. We also take an active interest in our clients’ business, and in adding value to those organisations that use our services.

Services Provided by Ian Turk Management

This is a brief outline of what  we normally under an provide under a contract to deliver an agreed range of services

Those services typically include a mix of the following:

  1. General Management – Day to day management, providing a single point of contact for all members, in a professional and accountable fashion.
    • Executive Committee Support,
    • Communications (newsletters etc),
    • Arrange meetings, conferences, AGM’s in accordance with rules,
    • Attend industry or other relevant meetings, and represent clients,
    • Promote sector issues,
    • Promotion programme management,
    • Policy analysis and lobbying,
    • Web page administration.
  2. Database Administration
    • Database design and maintenance,
    • Collection of levies or subs,
    • Information analysis and reporting,
  3. Financial Services
    • account keeping service,
    • accounts payable and receivable,
    • preparation of IRD returns etc,
    • organisation of annual audit,
    • preparation of annual accounts
  4. Administration and Office Support Services
    • secretarial services,
    • word processing,
    • travel arrangements and hotel bookings,

Further Information  – Please contact me at  Ian Turk Management


Ian Turk